Charlie Watts Talk

Recently, I attended a talk by Charlie Watts, who was one of the producers for one of the Uk’s most popular shows ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’. He talked about not only his role, but also the roles of the other staff and how tough it was for them. For example; The staff would have to wake up at early hours in the morning and head down to the show, where they encounter challenges such as spiders and snakes crawling up them whilst recording the live footage. He presented to us the scripts, and how it is written and showed a sketched map of where the diffrent staff would be allocated. I found the talk really inspiring to me as I am particularly interested in live recording for television and ‘I’m a celeb’ is a show my whole family would watch together. However, he revealed that its not a simple job and you do encounter many challenges mentally and physically.

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