Finding Work Experience

Today I have conducted further research into finding work experience in the television industry. I had found work experience opportunities for the BBC but unfortunately the placements for March and June are closed as the last chance to apply was the 21st of February. However, I could potentially apply next year instead.

The next studio I researched was Chanel 4, which I found that the applications applications for May are still open. This is what is included during the work experience week:

It will be located in London and is 37 hours per week. The closing date is midnight on the 29th of March which gives me time to work on my CV and check if my tutor approves of it. I have started filling out the basic details in the application but I want to pre-write why the role is for me, to ensure it’s written to a high standard.

I will be applying to more work experience schemes, particularly with ITV studios. I have also found a site with smaller television companies. The site has a list of different companies offering work experience, which will I need to research and work out which ones I will be applying to:

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